Getting Organized – Kid’s Desk

Grant's very messy desk

This week, I continued to slowly work on organizing and redecorating Grant’s room. After successfully reorganizing his closet, I wanted to work on his desk space next. As you can see, my little man is somewhat of a paper junky. He loves to write stories, draw, paint, make math sheets/play school… you name it, he’s creating it. The only problem I have with his creative personality is the huge mess he makes of his desk and room. Papers and books scattered everywhere, markers without lids, dried paint on paint brushes, and a trash can that is never empty.

Desk before

The first problem to tackle with his desk space was the desk itself. It is basically a square table with no drawers and I knew I would need to get him a desk that would better suite his needs. I needed a desk with plenty of storage that would fit in a small space. Thankfully, my mom came to my rescue. She had an old desk that my grandfather made in shop class over 60 years ago that was in storage. Well, I’m not one to turn down free things, so I gladly accepted the desk. After looking at the desk for the first time, I knew it would need a little sprucing up. I decided to paint the desk using leftover baseboard/trim latex semi-gloss white paint. I sanded the entire desk with sandpaper, working from the most coarse to fine, until the entire working surface was smooth and ready for paint. I also removed the drawer hardware prior sanding and used wood putty to fill in any major flaws/holes before painting. I removed the drawers and using a brush, I applied 4 (yes 4) coats of paint, letting each layer dry completely before starting on the next layer. After the desk and drawers were completely dry, I re-applied the hardware, put back the drawers, and the desk was done. Finally, it was time to organize the drawers

Desk after

Mod Podge can organizers

I knew that Grant would need many different cubbies to organize all of his different things. I really didn’t have anything around the house that would work, but at Wal-Mart I found organizers for really cheap in the kitchen section. I ended up getting all the organizers for less than $10. I also thought that he would need some organizers for the top of his desk. I had a few containers that I was going to throw away (coffee can and bread crumb can) that I knew would be perfect. I covered both cans with Mod Podge, tore pieces from a brown paper bag, and glued them on with the Mod Podge. After letting the containers dry, I placed them on his desk and filled them with scissors and paintbrushes. Grant loves his new desk, and I love that it cost me less than $10 to repurpose.



  1. I have a friend that does similar things with taking something old and with a few steps and some elbow grease makes it look new and modern. Love the desk that is really cute!

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