Baby Gift Baskets

Babies, babies everywhere! It seems that every time I turn around, another person I know is expecting a baby. I just love watching them progress through the horrible first trimester, the glowing second trimester and then the awkward/anxious third trimester. I can’t help but get sentimental seeing all these expecting moms, remembering a time when my boys actually liked to cuddled and be loved on by their mommy. I also remember the silly things I did…like waking up from a dead sleep, thrashing the covers about, screaming at my husband that I had lost the baby, only to have him find Grant quietly sleeping in the bassinet by the bed.

With all these expectant mommies comes lots of baby showers. Now, if you’re like me, a package of diapers and a card will just not do. I want my gift to be something that the baby needs, but I also like to pamper the new mommy a bit. While I love making cute little baby blankets for gifts, it’s also fun to create a personalized gift basket for these showers.

Personalized Baby Gift Basket


* basket/bin (I like to use something that can be used later to store baby items, like this canvas bin)

* baby supplies (baby shampoo, baby lotion, pacifiers, onesies, wipes, socks, etc…)

* mommy supplies (for this mommy, I got pampering items like lotion, manicure kit and nail polish, but you can use anything you think your mommy would like)

* 2 coordinating tissue papers


1. First, you need to create layers in your basket. This makes the basket more appealing when it is all finished. To do this, I usually have one big item that I place in the bottom of the bin to fill space (in this case a package of wipes). You will need to cover your bottom layer with tissue paper.

2. Next, choose what items you want to be in front and which ones you want in back. I have found its easiest and usually more visually appealing to place items that are heavy and same in shape in the back. In this basket, I choose to place the baby lotion/shampoo and alcohol in the back. After I placed the bottles in the bin, I put tissue paper behind them, alternating colors.

3. Then, I tuck the mommy items in the front bottom of the bin. I like to think I am hiding a fun surprise for the expectant mommy to find when she digs through the basket. To fill in space, I add more tissue to the side of the basket.

4. Finally, I add the rest of my baby items. As you can seen, I usually place these at an angle, tucking them in here and there, until I think the basket looks good. If there is a space that looks a little bare, I just add another piece of tissue paper. I place the card in front and voila….a beautiful baby gift that any expectant mommy would love.

As you can tell from my basket, this one is intended for a mom expecting a baby boy. It this had been for a girl, I could have added some bows, tights or other cute girly things. Also, if you don’t want to use tissue paper for fillers, you can use the small flannel baby blankets that come in a 4 pack. The key to these gift baskets is that you need to try to make it as specific and personal as you can. As you can see, it takes very little effort to create a beautiful and practical gift that any expectant mommy would enjoy.



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