Patriotic Wreath

Whew…what a crazy week! I’ve frantically been spring cleaning my entire house and I finally finished today. After 7 days of scrubbing, organizing, painting, and washing, I needed something fun…something like a….CRAFT! I decided that my front door needed a new wreath to welcome others into the perfection that is now my home. With Memorial Day and the 4th of July right around the corner, a Patriotic Wreath seemed like just the thing. With a few supplies, 2 hours, and less than $10, this project was the perfect reward for a week of spring cleaning.


  • Wreath form (You can use wire or foam. Whatever size looks good for your door. I used 14 inch)
  • Red/Blue/White Bandanas (For a 14 inch wreath, you will need 3 red, 2 blue, and 3 white bandanas)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler/Marker (optional)


1. First, you will need to cut the edges off the bandanas. Personally, I just made a small cut at the top and then ripped the fabric. (Yes, I said ripped. It’s fast, easier, and has more of the shabby, worn look I’m going for).

2. From the edge, make 1 inch wide cuts along the top. You can measure with a ruler if you want, but I like to estimate my measurements since this project does not have to be exact.

3. Now for the fun part (great after a frustrating day at work or with the kids). From the edge, grab a cut of fabric along the top and rip the fabric till you reach the bottom. Whew…didn’t that feel great? Repeat with all of the bandanas, making sure to sort the fabric pieces by color.

4. Next, take a group of 5 or 6 fabric pieces and stack them together. Fold the pieces in half lengthwise and cut in the middle. Repeat with all other fabric pieces until you have a pile of red, white, and blue fabric pieces.

5. Take your wreath form and visually divide it into 8 equal pieces. Think of how you cut a pie into 8 sections (same concept here). You can mark these sections with a marker or just visualize. Luckily my wreath was already divided for me.

6. Next, you will start tieing your blue bandanas strips to your form. I wanted mine to look like the flag, so I started in the right upper 2 sections of my wreath form. Take a strip of blue fabric, wrap it around your form, and tie a knot. For stability, I double-knotted my strips since my wreath was outdoors.

Tieing fabric strips into knots.

7. Just continue adding your blue fabric until you have filled in the right hand corner of your wreath. Make sure you push the pieces of fabric closely together after you tie them. This ensures there are no gaps in your wreath at the end. Also, I varied the location of my knot for a more shabby look (see above).

8. Now it’s time to add your red and white fabric strips. Here’s where it’s important that you divided your wreath into sections. You should have six sections left. To add the white and red fabric, you will need to place a mark (or visualize) in the center of each of your sections. This now leaves you with 12 sections on your wreath.

9. Start from the right hand bottom corner (where the blue fabric stops) and add your white strips to the first section. Work around the wreath in a white-red-white-red pattern until you have filled in your entire wreath.

10. If you want, you can take your scissors and trim any wild and crazy pieces that are sticking out in your wreath.

What a fun and easy wreath to make! This is also a great project for kids to help with (especially those learning to tie knots). If you don’t like the flag look and still want a patriotic theme, just change the pattern to red-red-white-white-blue-blue, or whatever pattern you choose. Just make sure you adjust the amount of bandanas that you need.

I hope you enjoy creating this wreath as much as I did. God Bless.


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