Add Another Item to List of Titles!


Receiving my Bachelor's degree!

My current list of titles (in no particular order):

  • Wife
  • Mother
  • Baby-Grower
  • Sister
  • Daughter
  • Chemist
  • Friend
  • Dog Owner
  • and many others!

I’m so excited to be adding another to this list: student!

I’ve been down this road before. During my 4th and final year of my undergraduate program, I decided that, along with entering the working world, I would also enroll full-time in a graduate program studying forensic toxicology. I loved the coursework! It was very interesting and my coolest assignment was observing an autopsy at the local morgue.

I soon realized that while I enjoyed this line of work and study, there are very few job opportunities and this would not work well with my husbands’ line of work. There is also very little room for advancement. So, after completing half of my necessary coursework, I decided to stop working towards that degree. It has taken me 6 years, three jobs and lots of tears before deciding exactly what my next move in my educational path would be.

So far, my work experience has strictly been in a laboratory setting. If you would meet me in real life, you would understand that this is not the best place for me. I’m an extremely social person and get so much joy out of working face-to-face with coworkers and customers. I know that I need something more; I’m burned out. That excitement to go to work and get my hands dirty just isn’t there anymore and quite honestly, hasn’t been there for a while. I’ve been lucky to have great coworkers that make my work day easier and it’s, in part, due to them that I chose Occupational Safety as my degree focus. Every person deserves a safe working environment where their concerns are heard and handled appropriately.

I’ve found an amazing school that allows me to take eight and six week courses, completely online, and I am hoping to complete my degree in about two and a half years. I’ll only be taking one course at a time so that the focus is solely on that one subject. It is geared toward working adults and, although a lot of hard work is in the future, I can’t wait for it!

I’m so excited and nervous about starting this new adventure. I realize that most people will think I’m crazy to do this when I’m about to have second child but I can’t think of a better time. (Ask Hilary, she did the same thing.) I can tell my kids just how hard mommy worked to take care of them, get that advanced degree and how much it paid off! I have an amazing and supportive husband here to help me as we tackle these challenges as a family.

I’ve got my thinking cap on and I’m ready!


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