Quinn Predictions!

So it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted, and while I’d like to say I have a great excuse its mainly due to lack of time and energy. My last post was over 12 weeks ago and lots have changed since that time including my belly.

I finished my first class of my masters program and received an A!!! (a 97% to be exact). I’m so glad to get the first one out of the way and to do well. I’m taking this semester off from school but will start back in late June. Hopefully it goes well with juggling a newborn! Speaking of newborns, still no baby but give it three days (or less) and hopefully I’ll be updating with pictures of her!

My repeat c-section is scheduled for Thursday morning and we are all so anxious to meet her! I’m so excited to have all of my family come in town to meet her and celebrate her arrival! It means so much that they are all making the long drive to be with us. And while we’ll be in the hospital most of the time they are visiting, they’ll still get plenty of snuggles with little Quinn (as long as you can tear her away from Memaw….)

Mark and I are most anxious to see what she looks like! For 9 months I’ve envisioned certain characteristics she will have of mine and which she will take from Mark. In case you have seen the similarities, our son looks like a clone of my husband. Aside from having my eyes, Davis gets so many of his physical traits from my husband and I’ve been hoping and praying that this little girl will look even slightly like me.

Mark and I have decided to publish our predictions to see who is most accurate:


Weight: 8 lb 10 oz

Length: 21 inches

Hair Color: Reddish-Brown

Eye Color: Green-Blue

Physical Features: My mouth, feet and eyes – Mark’s nose and chin


Weight: 8 lb 3 oz

Length: 20.75 inches

Hair Color: Bald

Eye Color: Blue

Physical Features: My chin, eyes, skin tone, and ears – Emily’s nose, mouth and attitude

Join in our fun little game, we’d love to see which predictions are correct! I’ll post updates (and pictures) as soon as I feel up for it!


Bows and Headbands Everywhere!

You’ll notice that it’s been awhile since anyone has posted on this blog (10 whole days!). Well, last weekend all of us girls, minus Hilary the workaholic, went down to Emily’s to attend her baby shower. Katie, nana, mom and myself had a great time meeting Emily’s coworkers and friends, and watching her open all of the presents she received. Since this is the first girl grandchild for my parents, my mother went a little crazy with the presents. Here are some pictures from the shower.

Myself, Katie, Emily, Nana and mom at the baby shower


Mom and Emily next to a big pile of presents!


Ruffled panties, head bows, and tutus were the theme of most of mom's gifts to Emily.

Of course dad had to get something from Oklahoma State University for the baby


All of us girls teared up when Emily opened up a present from Aunt Nancy and our late grandmother


For the past couple of weeks I’ve been frantically crocheting some of the items Emily asked for in my spare time. Here are final products!

Baby sleepy owl hat



Mermaid outfit with crown


That’s everything I was able to make before the baby shower. I’m still working on a monkey hat with matching slippers and butterfly wings. Let me know if you want the patterns and I’ll post links to the blogs or Etsy accounts where I bought them.



Antique Roadshow

Trying on old-time hats

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve been a little absent from the blog for the past week.  We have an excuse, I promise!  When my Grandmother moved to Texas, mom and dad would visit her via a scenic highway through Missouri and Arkansas that was littered with antique stores.  As most women know, men don’t really like to stop and shop when they are traveling, so my mother would always tell herself that she would come back to these little antique shops later. About a week ago, my oldest sister Hilary calls me saying that she wants to do something fun for our mom’s birthday this year.  So we all decided that we would surprise my mom with two fun-filled days of antiquing along that same scenic highway.  So Hilary, Katie, mom, and I packed ourselves into a minivan and hit the road early Friday morning (Emily was there in spirit since her pregnancy did not allow her to travel so far for so long)!  Put four women together and you have a guaranteed recipe for silliness.  We kept track of all the crazy quotes that we said and tried to find the ugliest item in every store we went into.  Since we had so much fun, I thought I would share some of the highlights below.  They might not be funny now, but they sure were hilarious when we said them.

Favorite Quotes from our Trip!

  • Mom, if I marry someone like Gerard Butler then you will have so many grandchildren. – Tory
  • I don’t remember people I don’t like. – Tory
  • Yeah, I want to take my butter with me. – Mom (her sarcastic reply when I asked why she was getting a to-go cup at Joe’s Crab Shack)
  • That’s right buddy, you want my cupcake. – Hilary (in response to someone in the car next to us looking at us eating cupcakes from Smallcakes.  Yummy!)
  • I don’t think those are pallets, just wood things. – Katie    They’re called lumber.  – Mom

    Hilary with a statue of Regan

  • We’re also going to pass the natural bridge – Mom   The National Bridge?! – Kate (we kept teasing Katie about this one the entire trip)
  • Tory’s purse will never die because she puts it in a sleeping bag at night and plays it soft music – Hilary (she’s just jealous of my new purse.  Did you know that some designer purses come with their own storage pouch?  Who knew!)
  • Hilary’s super power is a mouth of steel. – Katie
  • Remember that a man’s name is, to him, the most important sound in the English language.  (quoted from The Household Encyclopedia, 1951,  by N. H. and Sylvia K. Mager – a book I bought at one of the stores)
  • Arkansas kind of reminds me of New Mexico, but green. – Katie
  • Everyone has a whip! – Hilary
  • Everyone in Hollywood has dated Jennifer Anniston.  It’s just something to do before you die. – Hilary

Left side of a barn filled with old stained glass windows

And the right side of the barn!

Grant's new bedside lamp

Enjoying the beautiful scenery on the way back home!

We found our ugliest item in one of the last stores we stopped in that day

Happy Birthday Dad

Today is our dad’s birthday and to celebrate, we thought it would be fun to reminisce about our favorite dad moments. Happy Birthday Dad…we hope you enjoy it!

Dad and Emily on her wedding day

Our dad was a typical dad of daughters.  He nurtured our love for sports and dug his heels in while being dragged to our “girlie” activities where he was a grown man cheering on teenage girls jumping around and high kicking.  I think by the time I started cheerleading in high school, he realized that these girlie activities were not going to stop any time soon.  We always knew dad enjoyed attending basketball games more than cheerleading competitions because there was something for him to watch.  Of course, he would watch with a careful eye and smile on his face as we performed but he sure was glad when the game play started again.

Sometime around my junior year of high school, my mom and I were watching a cheerleading competition on ESPN.  My dad enters the room and, of course, makes a snide comment about how there must be some football on TV somewhere.  Mom and I pay no attention and keep discussing the routines.  About 10 minutes later, an amazing squad is performing some really cool stunt sequences.  My mom and I discuss what ideas we could take from it and still be legal in the state of Missouri.  We start talking about a specific move and in chimes my dad “That stunt is illegal due to the flyers feet leaving her bases hands”.  My mom and I were stunned!  After all of those years being exposed to something that we thought he knew nothing about and he surprised us.  Somewhere along the way he gained the knowledge to officially be called a “Cheer Dad!” and never have I been so proud to have him be MY dad!

God chose our dad to be the father of four girls, and he couldn’t have picked a more perfect guy.  He always knew exactly what to say when our hearts got broken and knew when the topic of our worry would be better suited for mom. 🙂  He was protective, yet allowed us to grow and make mistakes.  He is still the most wonder father and grandfather and I can’t wait to see him with his first grandaughter!

Wow!  When you’re asked to put into words a memory of your parent that you cherish, you think “where do I start?”  Once you get started you begin to think “where do I stop?”  So, because I couldn’t sit down and focus on only one memory that I have of my father, I’m going to share a couple of memories with you!

Dad and Tory playing in the snow

Since this post is so close to Valentine’s Day, the first thing that popped into my head was how much of a romantic, caring man my father is to this day.  I remember, starting in middle school and continuing through high school, all of us girls receiving roses on Valentine’s Day from our father so that we felt special and loved even though we might not have had a special someone at the time.  I remember dad handing us girls $50 dollars and telling us all to go to the movies so that he could spend an evening alone with my Mom.  I remember him always calling Mom and us girls beautiful, even when we didn’t feel that way.  Through all these memories and many more, my dad has taught me and my sisters through example, how every man should treat the women in his life–with love and respect.

Then I started to remember some of the more amusing memories I have of my father.  Once, while riding in the car with my father on Thanksgiving morning, he accidentally hitting a quail that had flown onto the road.  Now most people would keep on driving and hope that the car wasn’t damaged, but my father decides to stop the car and check on the bird.  He determined that while it was definitely dead, it was still in decent enough shape for human consumption.  So he throws the bird in the back of the truck and proceeds to take it home so that we can enjoy a meal of quail on Thanksgiving.  My mom threw a fit when he brought that home!  She absolutely refused to prepare the bird for dinner.  Determined to have his quail on the dinner table, my father cleans the bird himself and pops it in the oven to cook.  Come dinner time, the quail had its own serving dish right next to the turkey!  I can’t remember all the details, but I believe he and I were the only ones to actually eat that particular dish.  Even though it may have looked and smelled delicious, that fact that is was roadkill prevented the rest of my family from trying the dish.

While there are too many wonderful memories to share in one post, there is always a consistent theme of love, acceptance, and laughter in all of them.  Happy birthday dad, we love you!

Our father is amazing and just picking one memory to talk about is extremely hard to do!  I can say that when I needed my father, whether I knew it or not, he has always been there for me.  When I started singing in front of the church, I was so nervous about every song that I shared, but he was always in the back and in my line of vision with a giant smile on his face.  I sometimes couldn’t look at him because I would either start laughing or crying based on the song and his expression.

Katie and Dad at the bowling alley

Most of my favorite memories always happened at his office.  My father owns his own veterinarian office and, when I was growing up, I would spend a lot of my time with him there.  He taught me to tie my shoes on a stack of chairs while he was waiting for an emergency to come in.  I was his little helper at work and I loved just spending time with him.  While the animals were under anesthesia during surgery, he would let me hold the tail of the dog or cat so it wouldn’t get in the way.  I was young and I didn’t know what anesthesia was, but I was right there standing still, holding that tail like it was the most important part of the surgery.

Throughout the past couple years I have had many struggles that, at times, made me want to give up.  When I thought I was at my end, daddy would send me a letter, card or a simple text telling me how proud he is of me and how I am so strong because of all my troubles.  He would say that I am beautiful and that no matter what would happen he would always be there for me.  His uplifting words kept me going, because with him just saying how proud he is of me, I would want to try even harder to be the women he knows that I can be.


You are my encourager and my support system. God has blessed me so much with two amazing parents that would do anything for anybody.  I don’t know how you both do it, but I know that I would not be the person I am today because of you!  I love you both with all my heart!

One of my favorite memories of my dad is also one of my earliest. When I was little, about 3 years old, I got hungry one day and decided to make myself a snack. I laugh because as a mother of 2 boys, I know that no good can come of a 3-year-old making themselves a snack. Anyway, I went to the kitchen to make my favorite snack, applesauce and bread (hey, don’t knock it till you

Hilary and Dad

tried it). I gathered the bread and jar of applesauce, and gracefully placed it all on the coffee table in the living room (I wanted to eat my snack and watch my cartoons at the same time). Well, needless to say, a few minutes later, my mom comes in, sees the mess and immediately sends me to my room….WITHOUT my favorite applesauce and bread. Sitting on my top bunk, I sat and cried and cried, “I’m so hungry. My tummy hurts!” I don’t know how long I cried, but as I lay facedown on my bed, crying into my pillow, I heard someone come in my room. Looking up, it was my Daddy. He gently whispered, “Don’t tell Mommy”, placed something in my hand and snuck out of my room. Surprised, I looked at my hand to discover the holy grail of snacks…Vienna Sausages. Quickly, I opened the can and gobbled them all up. I don’t remember what happened next, but I’m sure I fell asleep, dreaming of my knight and shining armor, who saved the beautiful princess with a can of Vienna Sausages. From then on, I always knew that no matter what, my Daddy would take care of me.

Dad, as I write this, I can’t help but think about all the times you came to my rescue. Thanks for always being there for me. I love you.

Birthday Party Success and Cupcake Decorating!

After all of my fears that I wrote about last week, I’d say the birthday party was a success!  Davis and his friends had such a good time!

My biggest concern was what do we do for 1 and 1/2 hours.  Well, the kids solved that one for us!  I didn’t realize that Davis’ toys are all new toys to the other kids.  They came right in and dove into the toy box.  I soon realized that while the kids were playing and the parents talking, 45 minutes had already gone by.   I brought out the homemade playdough for the kids to play with and they each got their own color!  They loved having different colors from each other and playing with the different kitchen tools such as spatulas, spoons and brushes.  We then cleaned them up and served cupcakes!  I made my own multi-colored frosting with help from Chica and Jo.  It was super easy to do and it was a huge success!

What you need:

Cake Frosting/Icing (I used whipped)

Icing Bag (Use a plastic baggie in a pinch)

Star-shaped Icing Tip

Paste Food Coloring or Gel Food Coloring (Liquid will not work)

Large Drinking Glass

Small Paint Brush

How to:

1. Prep your disposable bag by attaching the tip and coupler.  Place in the glass and fold the top over the glass.

2. Use a paint brush to place the paste in wide vertical lines.  Use as many colors as you would like, you can also repeat colors.

3. Fill the bag by scooping the icing into the bag.  Squeeze the bag into an empty bowl until you start to see the colors.

4. Squeeze the icing in design that you would like!

Here is my version of this simple cupcake decorating idea!

When I do this again I will place the food coloring closer together so that the color is more prominent but I loved my results!  Enjoy and have fun decorating.

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