Bows and Headbands Everywhere!

You’ll notice that it’s been awhile since anyone has posted on this blog (10 whole days!). Well, last weekend all of us girls, minus Hilary the workaholic, went down to Emily’s to attend her baby shower. Katie, nana, mom and myself had a great time meeting Emily’s coworkers and friends, and watching her open all of the presents she received. Since this is the first girl grandchild for my parents, my mother went a little crazy with the presents. Here are some pictures from the shower.

Myself, Katie, Emily, Nana and mom at the baby shower


Mom and Emily next to a big pile of presents!


Ruffled panties, head bows, and tutus were the theme of most of mom's gifts to Emily.

Of course dad had to get something from Oklahoma State University for the baby


All of us girls teared up when Emily opened up a present from Aunt Nancy and our late grandmother


For the past couple of weeks I’ve been frantically crocheting some of the items Emily asked for in my spare time. Here are final products!

Baby sleepy owl hat



Mermaid outfit with crown


That’s everything I was able to make before the baby shower. I’m still working on a monkey hat with matching slippers and butterfly wings. Let me know if you want the patterns and I’ll post links to the blogs or Etsy accounts where I bought them.



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