Road to a Healthier Me – Week 1

Hello everyone,

Let me tell you it has been a rough week trying to get started on my new “life.”  I think the hardest part about this little excursion is my lack of motivation.  If it was not for my sister Hilary, I probably would have blown it off this past week.  She is tough and mean! 🙂 I am just kidding, she is amazing.

I started a program called “Couch to 5K” which is a running program that helps us couch potatoes get into shape.  I almost did not make it through the first day and I am pretty sure Hilary had to push me up a hill, but I made it.  The second day was rough but I, if I can brag for a moment, did not stop at all.  Almost did but I kept on trucking.

The food portion of my journey is a little tougher then exercising because it is just me that I am cooking for, but I have come up with a plan and I am ready to stick with it.   When I was in high school, I did a program called “6 Week Body Makeover.”  This program has you eat 6 meals a day that are smaller but healthy for you.  It is designed to give you more energy throughout the day and to help you not over eat.  What I am doing is cooking my food on Sunday and prepackaging it for the coming week, so for work I just have to grab and go.

This is definitely going to be life changing, but I am ready to for this change.  I have needed to do this for a long time and I think that I am ready for it. I have decided that for a motivation and reward for my hard work, that I will be taking some form of a long vacation.  Please keep the motivation coming!  I definitely need it! I have loved hearing stories and getting helpful hints.  There is a light at the end of this tunnel and I am excited to reach that destination.

Many Blessings,

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