This blog is an inspirational blog that allows us, as sisters, to express ourselves through God, crafts, and just our daily experiences of work, family, and friends. Each one of us is unique in our own ways and we are all in different walks of life right now, but the bond that we have as sisters will always be there.

The oldest, Hilary, has a family of four along with a nursing career that challenges her every time she walks through the door. Raising two boys has its challenges, but she makes it seem easy. Number two, Tory, is a dedicated business girl working in a big city. She is an independent soul with a creative mind that is expressed through her amazing knitting skills. Never underestimate a women with needles. The third, Emily, is a chemist raising a toddler with another special bundle on the way. Multitasking is an art with this one. That leaves the baby, Katie, who has recently graduated from college and is just trying to find the right path God is leading her too.

We just want to say thank you for taking the time to check out our little blog and ask that you to be patient with us. As stated before, we are all in different walks of life so it may take time to get this up and going; however, we promise that since this is a reflection of our crazy lives, you are not going to want to miss one thing!

God Bless,

The 4 Sisters

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