Quinn Predictions!

So it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted, and while I’d like to say I have a great excuse its mainly due to lack of time and energy. My last post was over 12 weeks ago and lots have changed since that time including my belly.

I finished my first class of my masters program and received an A!!! (a 97% to be exact). I’m so glad to get the first one out of the way and to do well. I’m taking this semester off from school but will start back in late June. Hopefully it goes well with juggling a newborn! Speaking of newborns, still no baby but give it three days (or less) and hopefully I’ll be updating with pictures of her!

My repeat c-section is scheduled for Thursday morning and we are all so anxious to meet her! I’m so excited to have all of my family come in town to meet her and celebrate her arrival! It means so much that they are all making the long drive to be with us. And while we’ll be in the hospital most of the time they are visiting, they’ll still get plenty of snuggles with little Quinn (as long as you can tear her away from Memaw….)

Mark and I are most anxious to see what she looks like! For 9 months I’ve envisioned certain characteristics she will have of mine and which she will take from Mark. In case you have seen the similarities, our son looks like a clone of my husband. Aside from having my eyes, Davis gets so many of his physical traits from my husband and I’ve been hoping and praying that this little girl will look even slightly like me.

Mark and I have decided to publish our predictions to see who is most accurate:


Weight: 8 lb 10 oz

Length: 21 inches

Hair Color: Reddish-Brown

Eye Color: Green-Blue

Physical Features: My mouth, feet and eyes – Mark’s nose and chin


Weight: 8 lb 3 oz

Length: 20.75 inches

Hair Color: Bald

Eye Color: Blue

Physical Features: My chin, eyes, skin tone, and ears – Emily’s nose, mouth and attitude

Join in our fun little game, we’d love to see which predictions are correct! I’ll post updates (and pictures) as soon as I feel up for it!

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