Antique Roadshow

Trying on old-time hats

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve been a little absent from the blog for the past week.  We have an excuse, I promise!  When my Grandmother moved to Texas, mom and dad would visit her via a scenic highway through Missouri and Arkansas that was littered with antique stores.  As most women know, men don’t really like to stop and shop when they are traveling, so my mother would always tell herself that she would come back to these little antique shops later. About a week ago, my oldest sister Hilary calls me saying that she wants to do something fun for our mom’s birthday this year.  So we all decided that we would surprise my mom with two fun-filled days of antiquing along that same scenic highway.  So Hilary, Katie, mom, and I packed ourselves into a minivan and hit the road early Friday morning (Emily was there in spirit since her pregnancy did not allow her to travel so far for so long)!  Put four women together and you have a guaranteed recipe for silliness.  We kept track of all the crazy quotes that we said and tried to find the ugliest item in every store we went into.  Since we had so much fun, I thought I would share some of the highlights below.  They might not be funny now, but they sure were hilarious when we said them.

Favorite Quotes from our Trip!

  • Mom, if I marry someone like Gerard Butler then you will have so many grandchildren. – Tory
  • I don’t remember people I don’t like. – Tory
  • Yeah, I want to take my butter with me. – Mom (her sarcastic reply when I asked why she was getting a to-go cup at Joe’s Crab Shack)
  • That’s right buddy, you want my cupcake. – Hilary (in response to someone in the car next to us looking at us eating cupcakes from Smallcakes.  Yummy!)
  • I don’t think those are pallets, just wood things. – Katie    They’re called lumber.  – Mom

    Hilary with a statue of Regan

  • We’re also going to pass the natural bridge – Mom   The National Bridge?! – Kate (we kept teasing Katie about this one the entire trip)
  • Tory’s purse will never die because she puts it in a sleeping bag at night and plays it soft music – Hilary (she’s just jealous of my new purse.  Did you know that some designer purses come with their own storage pouch?  Who knew!)
  • Hilary’s super power is a mouth of steel. – Katie
  • Remember that a man’s name is, to him, the most important sound in the English language.  (quoted from The Household Encyclopedia, 1951,  by N. H. and Sylvia K. Mager – a book I bought at one of the stores)
  • Arkansas kind of reminds me of New Mexico, but green. – Katie
  • Everyone has a whip! – Hilary
  • Everyone in Hollywood has dated Jennifer Anniston.  It’s just something to do before you die. – Hilary

Left side of a barn filled with old stained glass windows

And the right side of the barn!

Grant's new bedside lamp

Enjoying the beautiful scenery on the way back home!

We found our ugliest item in one of the last stores we stopped in that day

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